Extreme Outdoor Activities In North Cornwall

Some folks’ idea of rest and relaxation involves taking a load off, eating well and being pampered. The rest of us would rather have our recreational time punctuated by the thrill of heart-pounding, blood-churning, adrenaline-pumping extreme sports. The north coast of Cornwall happens to be a paradise for extreme sports-lovers. Local outdoor activity companies offer a wealth of options for a fast-paced, sporting-good time. The following are just a few.


Coasteering is one of Cornwall’s most popular adventure activities. Also known as rock pooling, this adrenaline-stirring pastime is all about scrambling cliffs, traversing rocks and coves, and exploring sea caves, all to enjoy the beauty of the coast. Participants age 8 and up can strap on a wet suit and dive into all the fun and excitement the coast has to offer. If exploring rushing tidal pools, rugged reefs and secret sea caverns sounds like your idea of an adventure, include coasteering in your next holiday plans.

Mountain Biking

If you fancy some breath-taking scenery with your extreme sports, mountain biking may be what you are looking for. Brush up on your skills with the help of an expert instructor, or bike a trail with a group of friends. Bikers of any skill level can enjoy the rush of scaling inclines, splashing through shallow waters, and weaving through rugged trails on a fully-equipped mountain bike. Be sure to don your pads and helmet; with obstacles such as rickety wood bridges, jagged rocks, and bumpy hills, this extreme sport has earned a reputation for danger. However, as any experienced mountain biker will tell you, the danger is part of the fun!


Watergate Bay happens to be the UK’s number-one spot for kite surfing, a popular watersport wherein participants use a kite, a board and the power of the wind to glide smoothly across the water. Inflatable kites create drag against the wind, and the resulting force propels the kite surfer across the water without the need for waves as in traditional surfing. Beginning surfers will need to master the basics of balance and kite-management before moving on to jumps, tricks, and other advanced skills that keep this watersport exciting. Professionals and amateurs alike are sure to relish the thrill of kite surfing in Cornwall.


Paddle your way through the rushing waters of Cornwall’s coast on a breath-taking sea kayak excursion. Beginners can sit back and enjoy sights and sounds while an experienced instructor sits at the helm and navigates. Experienced kayakers may opt for more challenging routes. No matter what your experience level, kayaking is a great way to sneak in some exercise while enjoying the spectacular beauty of Cornwall’s coast.

Treat yourself to the true relaxation that comes from a long day of action, excitement and extreme fun. Nature, novelty and the possibility of danger are all part of what makes extreme outdoor sports such a fantastic way to spend a day. Cornwall’s north coast has plenty of challenging outdoor activities to turn your holiday or day-trip into an unforgettable adventure.


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