How to Ensure a Luxury Holiday Goes Off as Planned

We talk a lot on about different places to stay in Cornwall to ensure a touch of luxury during your travels.

As a change of pace, in this article, we’ll be discussing different ways to plan and execute a luxury holiday to ensure it all goes as expected.

Get Insured

Whether you’re planning for a scenic drive down to Cornwall with the use of a route planner to help get you there or doing a bit of camping before arriving, there’s an insurance policy for you.

If you own a campervan and are thinking about taking it out for a drive, then compare campervan insurance quotes at QuoteZone to get an appropriate policy for your needs. QuoteZone connects you with various camper van insurance companies that can provide UK cheap campervan insurance.

If you’re thinking of staying in the camper for parts of your trip and enjoying some luxury accommodation in Cornwall upon arrival, then this plan will work well in a campervan suitable for the task. Also, if you have an existing policy on your camper that’s about to lapse, there’s cheap campervan insurance for coverage on an older vehicle too.

Pack Carefully

Pack carefully but don’t overpack. Use packing cubes to reduce the space needed. As you’re staying in the UK, understand that they’ll be small shops and supermarkets in Cornwall just like anywhere else. Most items you can pick up along the way if you desperately need them. 

Travelling lighter is much more pleasant. We don’t need anywhere near as much as we think we do. Pare down to just the essentials. Then add in the little luxury items that you cannot do without.

Don’t forget to bring along your campervan insurance documents and any other insurance paperwork. Paper versions are best – see if you can get them printed out before you travel – but copies on your smartphone and in the cloud work too.

Stay Longer, Move Slower

We’re so used to the harried pace of life that most people now find it difficult to slow down when they’re on holiday. Just the process of getting out of the flat or house and into holiday mode takes a lot out of you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying, driving or riding a National Express coach down there, make it a point to get into holiday mode as soon as possible. You’ll doubtless need some rest and relaxation to feel refreshed when you return.

We would suggest planning to stay longer at each destination. Avoid being the tourist that breezes through tourist spots in a race to fit everything in. That simply doesn’t work. You end up dissatisfied with the experience and spend more money trying to fix it. Instead, relax and enjoy what there is to offer and take it in. Try to hit the top tourist spots on a weekday to avoid the crowds and put your feet up in one spot on the weekend to avoid getting caught up in the busyness.

Balance Luxury Spots with Your Budget

We’ve all got choices. Certainly, you can travel in a campervan or stay in more affordable places along a route and then splash out when hitting the coast. That makes a great deal of sense and avoids overspending. 

With luxury destinations and upmarket accommodation, decide where the line is for your requirements for luxury. Everyone is different with this. For some people, luxury might mean being situated a short walk to the beach whereas others might insist on a sea-view room. A 4-star or 5-star dining experience might hit the spot while eating a simple breakfast, and a light lunch at a Cornish café might be just fine too.

Pick and choose while knowing what luxurious means to you. This avoids overspending on things that don’t offer value in your eyes.

Be Selective with Tours

There are usually many tours to consider taking, such as half-day or one-day trips to participate in water sports or to see tourist spots a distance away from a local town. The cost of these tours can really add up when not being selective about them. 

Consider carefully which types of activities, sights and historical settings matter to you and those that really do not. Knowing yourself helps a lot here. If you love the beach location or are partial to historical buildings and local history, then select a tour that meets this criterion. The closer you match your genuine interests to a tour, the most likely it’ll be worth the price of admission.

When taking a trip out to Cornwall, planning goes a long way to enjoying the holiday once you’re up and moving. If you’re traveling in a camper, take out appropriate campervan insurance to ensure you’re covered. If you feel you need UK travel insurance, consider that too. Then you can relax more knowing you’re protected. It then becomes much easier to enjoy some luxurious pleasures without a worry in the world.

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