Guide To Hiring A Campervan In Cornwall

Exploring the iconic and magnificent Cornish coastline in a classic campervan is a fantastic way to see the storied, breathtaking landscapes and historic sites of this part of England. From Devon to Land’s End and back again, a classic VW campervan lets you roll down the road in a self-contained unit, sleeping where you decide to park, in so many choice locales in Cornwall!

An iconic campervan from VW or other manufacturers gives you the freedom and versatility of being able to travel and overnight in an economical way. The smaller VW types of campervans are more fuel-conservative than their larger motorhome and Winnebago-type counterparts, and, by taking up less space, give you more options as to where you can park your campervan overnight.

Less is definitely more with a Volkswagen or other popular campervan model, and in Cornwall there are countless places that can accommodate your vehicle when it’s time to pull over for the night. Just pull over to the shoulder of the road, pop the top up, roll the beds out, and you’re saving big on lodging costs as well!

Campervans are not only a fun way to tour the countryside and save money, they’re also symbolic of freedom, hitting the road, and leaving all your worries behind you. You can hire campervans, generally in all seasons in the UK but for the coldest winter months, when roads can be icy and dangerous. But you can explore the scenic and iconic Cornish coastline in a campervan for hire most all year round. Summertime is of course the best and most popular time to do it, and there are plenty of options for hiring a campervan.

Some places you can hire a campervan include:

But, you can always buy campervans at discount prices as well. Sites like Preloved sell quality used campervans for discount prices, though you can do your own search and narrow down the right campervan for purchase that’s right for your budget.

Some of the top manufacturers of iconic campervans for sale in the UK include:

  • Volkswagen (of course)
  • Peugeot
  • Fiat
  • Elddis
  • Bessacar
  • Ace Airstream
  • Ford
  • Wesphalia
  • Mercedes-Benz

Whether you buy or rent a campervan to take on your scenic excursion along the Cornish coastline, you are assured fun and freedom in a nice little package. Compact, fuel-efficient, stylish, attractive, and easy to maneuver – iconic campervans are the perfect way to see the Cornish coastline. So, whether you’re going to see The Lizard Penninsula, Tintagel Castle, Pendennis Castle, Land’s End, go camping in Dartmoor National park, or visit any of the icons of the Cornish seashore, your campervan’s versatility and utility will be sure to get you and your family there and back safe and sound!

Campervans are the UK’s number one way to travel, sight-see and camp overnight, and the Cornish Coast is one of the finest places in the world to do it!


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