Discover Cornwall – Britain’s California

Cornwall, which sits at the most South Westerly point of the British Isles, is one of the few places in Britain where you are likely to, as you can in California, encounter wild palm trees. This may not be the source of great excitement to those of you from warmer climes (whilst to an Englishman the presence of a real life palm tree is certainly a treat) but do not fear, the similarities do not end there.

Beach life

Like California, Cornwall is famous for its many miles of beautiful beaches, which provide an important draw for the many holidaymakers who visit the county each year. Cornwall’s South coast, dubbed the ‘Cornish Riviera’ is home to many sheltered beaches and picturesque fishing villages.

Again, as with California, Cornwall is the countries surfing Mecca – with thousands of enthusiasts travelling from all over in search of the perfect wave. The Mavericks, the world famous surfing spot which sits approximately 2 miles from the Northern Californian shore, even has a Cornish equivalent in ‘The Cribber’ – a reef that sits off the coast of the Cornish Town of Newquay and provides imposing wave faces of up to 30 feet! If you are planning a surf tour of Cornwall, don’t forget to invest in the appropriate travel insurance for your holiday, as the Cribber does not take any prisoners.


Thanks to their coastal positions Cornwall and California both have a deserved reputation for excellent seafood. Whilst Californians adapt the areas plentiful supply of seafood into fish tacos and tempura squid, the Cornish utilise the delicious fresh fish plucked straight from the Atlantic to make the iconic British dish of fish and chips better than anyone else.

Finally, if you own a house in Britain’s California, Cornwall, and looking at the possibility of letting out your home to earn some extra income, we highly recommend you make sure you have suitable public liability insurance and also house contents insurance.Whilst your average Californian might eschew a piece of battered cod for a healthier option, there is no better way to combat the often dismal wet British weather conditions (one element in which Cornwall and California do differ) than with a hot plate of fish and chips, made with a fresh catch straight of the quay. There are few better examples of this English staple than Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips in the small Cornish port of Padstow. Started by the restaurants namesake Stein, a celebrity chef now synonymous with Cornwall, they take fish and chips to gourmet levels – a ‘must-visit’ for any tourist.

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